#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 26

I performed about an hour of magick today.  Practiced shielding to great effect (added in more orbs, really effective, convincingly felt, moved hand to hand side to side and up and down). I sat for 30 minutes in concentration mode. Then performed 108 Om Gam mantra’s to Ganesh to try to get back in his favor and left him out an offering. Lastly drew a Tarot card – 5 of swords. I feel this relates to an old way of being. Appropriate at this stage in the challenge and for the things I’m going through.
I felt oddly spiritual doing all this, away from desire. Proud I felt compelled, drawn to do it. I certainly didn’t have to. I was home alone with the baby and could have played video games or any number of other things. Turned out well though. I like adding other things to my meditation. Makes it feel more magicky and less technical (though I still do measure how my meditation went). The length adds a dimension of carryover of spiritualness throughout the day. It’d be nice to do a mini retreat sometime. But for now 20 mins in general will have to suffice.

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