#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 25


Tarot before bed last night: 4 of Cups R, an opportunity will arise but you have to be ready to take it.

Dreams of being unprepared and a shock.


Silver Shielding – Experimented with increasing and decreasing size, going to sphere and back down to cover skin. Filled room and back down. Made sure I was able to project from different parts of body, feet, head, hands. Held an orb, messed with that for a minute.

Concentration sit – 15 minutes

Very productive sit. Sat in a light trance, in pragmatic dharma terms what I’d call a concentrated state. Used mindfulness to tell it was pleasant. Increased level also had to increase effort and concentration to do so. It increased things that were wrong, things to be worked out. Used my imagination to ‘see’ the breath, my object, to clear things out of the way. Learned a lot. Very successful.


Gave energetic orbs to the deities I typically work with: Baphomet, Persephone, Legba, Thor, Ganesh. Baphomet pleasant, Persephone took quickly, Legba pleasant, Thor wanted a big one, Ganesh upset ate it slowly. Gave to Byrd but put it in top of head and heart, gave smaller ones to these beings/areas unless otherwise noted, Wolf went into stomach, big one, Talker into tongue and throat, Energy Ghost (I’ve ran into him in the past) went into root, ‘intelligence being’ went into mind, sexual being, big strong one went into hips and rubbed around sides and back same area, Wolf got another one, this one was super charged up with a ruby center and red electrical currents pulsing in it, went into same stomach center and rubbed around.


5 of Wands – competition and struggle with others. Relating to the opportunity pointed to last night possibly. In competition with others (myself?). I don’t know what the opportunity is/could be. I must be ready to take it.

Fox is making himself known in my life. A known trickster. He’s popped up a few times lately.

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