#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 24

15 min sit this morning. I’m becoming more and more accustom to this style of sitting, concentration, though I’m still learning trying to piece it together as I go along.

Sigil launched this afternoon using attention and energy.

Small ceremony done with my wizard figure, a ring of protection, and a wishlist of the things I wanted inside my circle of protection. Anointed wizard and list with High John oil.

15 minute zen sit – felt great to get back to my old style. Saw wizard inside of circle in 3D, his wishlist popping like popcorn manifesting all over the place. He was laughing and happy with power.

After 3 weeks of awesomeness I’ve been debating my next step. Truthfully I haven’t missed alcohol that much. I might even extend my stay. I’m a bit dissapointed how my blogging turned out. I feel like it was kind of boring, that I didn’t share the story. But that’s how I learn, by messing up. I shared what I actually did. Not how I felt. I left self-reflection off the page. I don’t know if I’d do this next time. Piecing one’s life together is important. I’m not saying I didn’t do it. I just didn’t post much about it as the days went on. I’ll tell you another thing I didn’t do- drink. Suck it hungry ghosts.

One thought on “#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 24

  1. Commitment is something to be proud of. I have read all your posts, and I don’t think they were boring at all! I have enjoyed hearing some of the inner-stuff you “have” done and have been very interested in the journey of what you “didn’t do”. Well done (or, rather, well-doing!).


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