#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 22

Can’t remember dreams. The only thing I remember is me telling my oldest son to check on his friend who is a girl. She just chugged a soda. I was teaching him to be polite.


Silver Sphere

Forgot to do over the last couple days. Expanded it today throughout the whole room. I got it comfortably around me. Pumped it up. The expanded it outwards in a bubble. The expanded it to the whole room. As per the instructions I’m following.

30 min concentration sit

Focused on becoming absorbed in the breath. Stayed with it at the nostrils. Breath became expansive in the lungs. Posture improved and breath became very deep. I believe I worked out some postural issues and I also increased the purity of breath. I noticed distractions and was mindful of all the things going on: visualization, memory, sensations, emotions. By being mindful of these I was able to hone in on the sensations of the breath at my nostrils and stay focused throughout the whole sit with minimal distractions by recovering quickly from them.

Baphomet present today.

Tarot session teaching me about false will.
Read White Noise

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