#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 19


Hanging out with friends and family. Talking about essential oils. Literally what I did last night. Song in head same song in movie kids were watching. (The virtue given by Wolf via candle magick – family.)


Silver Sphere Shielding

Pumped it up today using my breath. Interesting way of doing it since it wasn’t exactly a cut and dry visualization, it was more active. I do believe I effectively shielded though.

30 minute concentration sit

I sat for about half the time when I realized something wonderful about concentration and about the Wolf necklace I recently received. In Huna magick and in the Feri Tradition they talk about 3 Selves or 3 Souls. I’ve worked with this concept lightly for a number of years. It basically says there’s a lower self that’s animalistic (sound familiar?) and is the seat of the unconscious, called the Fetch in Feri; there’s a middle self that is the walkabout everyday self, the conscious mind, the Talker in Feri; and the higher self, the superconscious, HGA, the Holy Daemon in Feri. Having now made conscious contact with two of them, most familiar with the higher self because that the area of spirituality I was most interested in (zen and awakening and whatnot), the third popped up this morning in meditation AND it makes the necklace I just got all that more significant!


Wolf’s necklace

So I was sitting there doing my best to stay present with the breath, a struggle this morning, only half the time gone by unlike yesterday, when I popped into a different mode of perception and the word Talker came into my mind. I was now present, and the Talker told me how I should be sitting for the best balance and that I should continue to try to stay present and not try so hard to ‘get’ somewhere. Instead of working to get present I was working to remain present. Much more easeful. I also learned about an exercise to try where I’d start in Wolf for 20 mins, go to Talker for 20, and then finish in Byrd for 20.
My necklace, the third in this installment of initiations, for those playing along at home, was a necklace of Wolf, gained when I redeemed my relationship with my lower self. It was a necklace of self expression, to express who I am proudly. I just thought it looked cool when I purchased it. Then I thought about the Tarot associations. 3 of swords. The way I interpret it that’s the Empress of swords. Ok, beauty of mind. I can dig that. But to see now that Wolf led me to something much deeper, I’m in awe. 3 swords represents the 3 selves.


Laying in bed at night I asked Persephone how she can help me on my path. Immediately my wife showed me her phone. A picture of our family, nieces, nephews, and grandparents, from this evening at dinner.

The sigil from day 17 was for understanding meditation or something along those lines. I was going to offer Legba a Coke at the movies in gratitude (we went as a family that day) but we didn’t get any. I glanced at a passage at my book I was reading in bed. It said, if there’s anything you want or need just let me know. I asked why he liked me so much. He said, you give back.

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