#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 17


Dream of John Cena and trans woman. They both have a problem of going into trance when triggered instead of dealing with their feelings. I put them in trance and talk to them to correct the behavior. Then once they understand and they agree I take them out of trance. Cena did good, no issues with him. We were in the back parking lot of my office building. She was more difficult to deal with.

A female business owner asks on social media if she should do something incredibly thoughtful and intelligent or something silly. She gets a frustrating amount of votes for the silly answers. She is frustrated and disheartened at first but starts reading the comments that come in for the serious answer and they are incredibly thoughtful and heartwarming to her. Her father is proud of her and is active with advice for the site.


Silver Sphere Shielding

Sent the shield out from the heart chakra not the chest today and slowly circulated it to extend just past surface in whole body.

30 minute breath concentration.

I did not attend to my breath very well. I experienced frustration and it expressed itself in the body with shifting and uncomfortable posture. The last few minutes I finally figured out I had to be more easeful and hold the breath like an egg or a baby bird. I kept imagining I’d jump right into being perfect, which was messing me up. I even had made up my mind that I was just bad at concentration on breath because I’m used to sitting zen ‘no nothing’ style. Well, at least I have something to work on. Thank goodness I’m not perfect! Did I mention I was working on conceitedness? šŸ˜‰

Sigil made for something, don’t remember.

I learned something very valuable about myself and my practice today. I realized it later in the afternoon after I had a bad day. I was late to work, hair a mess, messed up an early appointment, and forgot something important. I learned that in my morning meditation session I cut myself off by trying to be an absolute beginner. I tried to start at absolute bare-bones beginning with the concentration. I didn’t use my intuition at all. This severely handicapped me. It’s good knowing the power of my intuition but I also must balance it with effort and doing the work.

Thinking about Persephone this afternoon

Offering to Legba of 3 pennies, asked him to charge theĀ sigil and left it with the pennies.

Concentration meditation is about how you attend not what you experience. Insight meditation is about what you experience not how you attend.

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