#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 10

5am 30 min sit. Woke up from a dream and felt like I was biding my time until my alarm went off so I decided to meditate. Sat for 20 and added 10 more minutes. This was a majorly postural sit, working on my lower core and hip flexibility. I tried to be mindful of what I was doing, which was mostly working my attention down into the lower back and hip area trying to free up musculature tightness with mindful and directed breathing. At one point, with a great stretch forward, my left leg became un-asleep. I can just imagine a major artery in my left butt check becoming un-pinched by my stretch and posture adjustment! I didn’t muster up the energy to get to a greater level of concentration but the sit is what it is and I thought it was great.

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