#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 5

Another day alcohol free. Depression hit me early on. When my wife said, “are you just sad today?” her perceptiveness and compassion shone wonderfully through my troubled spirit.

I had some nice time outside with the kids and wife, playing in the backyard late into the afternoon. Had a good morning at church, visited our sick grandmother, a family lunch, video games with the kids after dark.

This part sounds normal but often I’m popping open a bottle of wine. “Extra communion”. This lack was likely linked with the depression. Which I took as a good thing, something to learn from.

We did have actual communion at church today. I took the bread and juice for ‘Spirit to strengthen my body and mind’. I also had some quiet time early this morning to read. These two small things, along with the love of my family, were enough to get me through the day, magically.


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