#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 3

8am 20 minute sit. Altered the ‘why’ as to why I was sitting. Changed it from selfish reasons to reasons of self improvement. Ideas to sign contract with Wolf. Thought process didn’t want to stop so I let it run while staying mindful of my posture, especially in lower back, a problem spot for me. I think my posture was great and got better as time went on. My concentration wasn’t fantastic but I still think it was a productive sit. Altering the purpose, or the context, of the sit was important for me. To really bring it home, to allow it to change myself for the better was an important step. I’ve been very achievement model oriented in the past. It’s time to get some more benefit from these practices.

The cupcake not just the frosting.

11:45pm 20 min sit. Fairly mindful this evening. Started to fall asleep for a brief moment toward the end of the sit. Was thinking about adv and disadv of having and not having mediation instruction. Mostly I ‘just sit’ and apply technique off the cuff when I feel it is necessary. Mostly focused on posture, lower spine, and some breath, making sure to correct poor lower spine posture so it doesn’t prevent (the possibility of) full breathing. The lungs don’t always take full breaths and I’m not doing a breath meditation. Thought of the benefits of doing so with an energetic component. May have to do that soon. 

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