#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Day 2

7am – Exercise

30 min full body and cardio workout

12pm – Offering and Divination

Offering to my Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) of fresh water to get back on his good graces. I’ve ignored him for a while and he wasn’t too excited about that. Did manage to answer a couple questions through the 4 coin method*. Wolf ok – 2 heads, 31 day challenge ok – 2 heads.

8:45pm – Meditation

20 minute meditation. It always feels so good to sit down again after a break. Grounded myself in my posture and later in my breath. Not too many distracting thoughts but I did leave the baby monitor on accidently. I was too settled and didn’t want to get up. Two of my sons were driving me insane. I could hear them the whole time. It was infuriating but I was able to use that as a source of mindfulness and break through it to a, hopefully, more mindfully-Dad position. Posture was pretty good -I’ve written this a hundred times- but it’d be better if I lost some weight. Hopefully soon. Hopefully soon.

*4 Coin Divination Method – Take 4 coins, give em a blessing, ask a question or have it in mind, toss coins, interpret, thank coins.

4 heads – Yes but warning

3 heads – Yes!

2 heads – even yes

1 head – no

0 heads – NOO! (Cleanse coins)

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