#domagick 31 Day Challenge – Goal

The goal of this challenge is the transformation of a serious personal issue. My participation in this challenge centers around transforming my relationship with alcohol. As I tend to overindulge and stray from the path of magick, and self-care, my goal is to put alcohol in the context of my practice, not have my practice be under the context and control of alcohol.

My tools for this will be many. The major tool for this challenge will be 31 days of unbroken sobriety. No alcohol for 31 days. Today is day 2. I’ve been wanting to quit vaping for a while anyway so that’s out too.  Of course Day 1 I was hungover so I started simply with the oil. For the rest of the days I will be meditating, exercising, doing energy work (shielding), invocation of the Wolf (my past, confusing passion), and basically attempting to be the person I want to become. I still feel under the guise of alcohol’s influence, ie slightly hungover, but I was able to get in a great workout this morning. My wife has been really challenging me and helping me with the workouts. I’ve been exercising most mornings for about three weeks now. I’m attempting to clean up my diet, which is actually an interest of mine, nutrition. I hope to read more, if not daily. I’m slogging my way through ‘Great Expectations’. All in all, I just really want to get excited about my new life, and I know Wolf can help me do that (I’ll write more about Him later). I don’t want to quit drinking totally. I want it to be under my control. I don’t want to be “that guy”. I want to be responsible with it. And I know I can do it with a good support system. My wife and kids are the best and my friends always have my back. I tend to be quiet so I’ll be sure to communicate my goal of the challenge with them. Here’s to a good month!

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